Summer daze


Hello to my loving followers :)

In my town summer temperatures have started, and what can I say is that I wish from this summer to be the warmest summer ever, because

everything looks better with darker skin and cold drink in front of the long night..

Take a look at my preparation for sunbathing

This one amazed me, perfect one for beach or swimming pool.. Material is soft and I like a lot the way it fits me..  I order it on ROSEGAL, online shop.. Check the link

 Second one is "bae watch"  popular swimsuit this summer. I love red color so this one will be my fav one..

Both of them you can find on Rosegal, and what I find great by them is that you have free shipping, and it comes very quickly. That's the most important thing for each of us when we shop online. Check it on their site and take a look on summer reduced prices.. Don't miss it!

check the link

rosegal hot pink bikini    

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