Sunglasses confusion


This post is the result of the confusion, which one glassses are better looking with my outfit from the last post.

Take a look at the photos, below each one I'll leave my small description and link that you can check and order to yourself if you like it.

This one I ordered from Rosegal.  For the first time I had ordered sunglasses from this site and I'm  completely in love with them. Glass is comfortable for eyes and you'll agree they look really sessy.
Chek it out!

Those are also from Rosegal and they have that special "cat" look. The light through them is blacky which I love the most.
Chek it out!

These are "the one more bigger" than standard ones. Also they have grey glasses and black light so you can clearly look through them. You can order it on Zaful, online shop.
Chek it out!

This one belong to "rock and serious" versions. In my opinion black sunglasses are "must have", they look good with any combination and our mood. Also you can find them on Zaful.
Chek it out!

These you can recognize from the last post. They were my choise with this striped outfit. Glasses have pink mirrors, it's not seen really well on the photo.
Chek it out!

For more sunglasses link:
Also ordered from Zaful. 
Did you liked some of those collection? If you did, you can click on the link below each picture, go to the site to find the same or some others because selection is big.

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