Floral sleeves


Despite of that I don't like too much flowers, I wanted something which wouldn't be too much casual.. So I ordered this dress from Zaful with this cool sleeves, it is wide model of dress and in my opinion I could wear it in any opportunity.. A solemn opportunity with boots on heel or casual occasion with sneakers..

Material is of good quality, and I can only say that I become opssesed with the sleeves..That's not my only obsession, it's also obsession with hats..

Black hat is surely one of my favorite, I combine it with any style in these cold days

I don't like too short dresses and skirts, but I'm planning to wear it with long boots like I did on these pictures

Hope you like my pictures..If you did, I'll anyway leave link of the dress under the last one so you can go and look for your "floral one"

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