Windy saturday


It was a bit warmer today so you could wear a thinner jacket
My style was more 'casual' than in last days.. I dressed new yellow blouse ordered from She In, also new light-grey jacket ordered from Zaful, with jeans and boots on heel

 This blouse I ordered in the same time like white sweater which I showed you in the last post..I'm satisfied with both of them, with material especially.. Material is a little thicker, perfect for this time when you don't know is it still winter or it has came early spring..

The blouse is 'one size' and I have long arms so sleeves looks small on me..

Because of the wind I had to tie my hair than wear jacket.. Jacket is from Zaful, one of the best online shops.. Sincerly it was second time to order jacket and again I was suspicious, now I can say that all my suspicions disappeard..High quality, one word: go ahead,order!

 There you can see my whole style this day, hope you liked..if you did, check the links!


(It's in other color, yellow is out of stock)

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