Hello everyone,
There are infinite reasons black and its fellow neutral hues are so easy to throw on: They match pretty much every color, they're a great placebo for days we just don't feel our best, and they make putting together an outfit so simple. But after a while, even the all-black-everything kind of girl will find herself daydreaming of a pop (or two) of color. Especially this time of year when the drabness of a totally gray, brown, or black outerwear selection can really get to a person.
Be inspired by these street style stars to add some bold pieces into the mix?
I am wearing jeans from Lindex.
Sweater is from Rosegal.
I had sunglasses but not on photos.
There are from Rosegal.
Sunglasses are sold ot, Sweater is on sale only 17$.
Chek out Rosegal, I like Rosgal a lot. It's very nice shop.

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