Blue diamond


Hi everyone, 
A couple of weeks ago, i actually purchased a baby blue coat from a She In store and i have to admit that i've been wearing it non-stop ever since! See, baby blue or pale blue as some people like to call it, is such an awesome colour, right? It looks amazing with grey, black and white, yellow, and silver too!
Also, you should totally try pairing it with bright or navy blue, the result is absolutely gorgeous! And believe me, i know what you are probably thinking right now... "Blue with blue?! I don't think so..." Well, that's exactly what i thought in the first place, but now that i've actually tried this colour combo, i can guarantee you that the result looks so chic and modern. So go ahead and try it, too!
Lastly, here are some great ways that you can style YOUR baby blue/pale blue coat!

Link of coat 
Valid date(1.1-31.3)
Extra 10% off orders $60+

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