Must have: Blazer dress


"When in doubt, throw on a blazer."
― Unknown

 What's not to love about a pretty ass, blazer dress!? It's so sleek and chic and it just looks so classy on! It took me a while to find my perfect fit but I've been looking for a blazer dress for the longest time! I've seen so many people wearing them and I just wanted one so badly with the right fit and shape for my body!

This was just a piece that I needed in my closet and I had to keep looking until I found the perfect one! I mean, you can wear it out for a date night or to work with fitted dress pants and a cute top! I mean, I've only had it for a week and I've worn it 3 times already - to work, date night and a blogger event. It's so fricken cute!! I can't get over how much I love it!
 I've had to buy 3 blazer dresses to find the perfect one! I bought on online from MissGuided but when I received it in the mall, it wasn't even a real blazer. It was a skin-tight dress with buttons that don't even work. The second one I bought was from Fashion Nova which I bought in a bigger size because it looked so slim in the photos only for it to be still too small! And finally ... this beauty from Shein. I just fell in love with it!! It's a double breasted (which is hard to see) and fitted style! It looks cute as a dress and it also looks amazing with leggings! And just like that, I've found the most amazing blazer dress! It comes in red as well and it would be a good idea to get my hands on it as well! That way I can have 2 colors and be able to wear it twice as much!

What do you think of blazer dresses!? Your cup of tea or nah?


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